Phoenix Workforce

We employ only the most talented and motivated staff. We are careful to select only individuals who are driven by the opportunity to work in and benefit from a stimulating professional and social environment.

Our people are our most valuable asset and make us different. We value people who are energetic, eager to learn, skilled and believe that challenges can be opportunities. Our unique culture and approach deliver enduring results working both for the business and the individual.


Phoenix is committed to creating and maintaining a good working environment ensuring non-discrimination and protecting the health and safety of our staff.  Our human resources management policies are based on:

  • Ensuring equality among employees
  • Promoting diversity and equal opportunity
  • Fostering employee dialogue and
  • Developing skills


Madeleine Sammut Dacoutros
Group HR Manager

‘Having been with Phoenix for the past nine months makes me a relatively new addition to the team. My expectations when joining the Company were different to the reality I encountered. I found a welcoming and dynamic team that is truly multicultural and global, not only physically but also in mentality. Cultural differences are embraced and individual identities are actively encouraged. The Company has an ethos of listening to the team and learning from it, wanting to form a familiar bond not only between Company and team but also between team members. Individuality at the office is actively encouraged and respected as is the relationship between team members.

I can truly say that Phoenix is a global family and a great one too at that! I look forward to a long work relationship.’

Marc Tabone Ferrante
Continual Service Improvement Manager

‘Having worked at Phoenix for five and a half years, I can say that Phoenix has offered me a stimulating environment which has helped me to progress both personally and professionally. When working at Phoenix it is clear to see that encouraging a good social environment is at the forefront of the company culture which makes for a pleasant working environment. Being a growing company there are many opportunities for career progression and the niche market which we compete in provides an interesting challenge which will continue to capture my interest for years to come.’

Christine Bonavia
Production Modelling Manager

‘Working here is challenging yet very interesting and rewarding. Phoenix has a strong positive culture that supports meaningful work and rewards excellence. It allows you to work on areas that require you to stretch your comfort zone and skills and thus enable you to grow. Respect, trust and team-work are key drivers within Phoenix and as such gives importance to fun team-building activities that ultimately enable employees to work better together.’

Daniel Abela
System Analyst

‘After working with Phoenix for several years I can attest that it’s one of the best places to work in Malta. Employees are highly respected and taken good care of. You feel valued as an individual rather than just another employee. Some great people working here with diverse backgrounds so it’s pretty easy to integrate with the rest of the staff and make new friends. With a dynamic workflow and constant improvement to it, it never gets boring.’

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a business and as individuals we operate as part of the local community. We believe it is right to give something back and the company actively supports this spirit of generosity.


Employees can sign up to work on company sponsored projects important to them and are given paid time off work to participate. This is more than a one-off; most of our staff members re-commit on a yearly basis to support their charity.