Meet Our Departments


At Phoenix, our diverse team is the heart of our success. Meet our dynamic departments, each dedicated to delivering excellence in their respective areas.

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

The BIDA team (Business Intelligence & Data Analytics) comprises a number of data analysts and statisticians, experts in delivering multiple analytical-related services to the business. Such services range from evaluating data alongside new opportunities to validating in-house Data, modeling, and Betting products, optimizing the opportunities within each area of investment, considering several dependencies and constraints, together with ensuring maintenance of the whole data to model to optimization of profit cycle is in place.

Whole Team



The Finance team’s objective is to provide cross-business financial analysis and insight to support corporate decision-making.  The finance function is responsible for managing liquidity, generating information to support decision-making, procuring and paying vendors, tracking inflows of funds, and planning and analyzing business trends. The finance department plays a vital role in providing management with access to the latest data on company performance so they can make informed business decisions based on accurate information.




The Operations department is responsible for all operational activities of the business ensuring productivity, and promoting operational best practices. This includes technical and non-technical operational activity to fulfill the company’s strategic and tactical goals. The department comprises 25 people split into  4 teams – Operation Agents who monitor and operate the system, and the technical operations teams – Tech Support, 2nd  Line System Engineers, and 3rd Line System Engineers, with responsibility for ensuring delivery of support and services and projects according to SLA. Operations teams support all users and functions of the business including HR, Finance, Business Intelligence, Security, and Development teams as well as vendors, and manage, coordinate, and participate in a  plethora of processes, technical and non-technical, owning the Incident Management process. Our main function is to operate the business production systems and ensure all our platforms and applications are healthy so that the business can operate at optimum. We remediate any issues that disrupt operations, employ a preventive rather than reactive approach to issues to minimize downtime and focus on service improvement that can benefit the business through innovative initiatives and projects.




Our role is to ensure that HR practices align with the Company’s local and global business strategy while respecting the unique cultural and legal contexts of different regions. We are responsible for effectively managing the employee’s lifecycle with the organization starting from recruitment, to talent management, compensation and employee benefits, training and development, and workplace safety. Our HR department is responsible for both the operational HR function as well as the strategic function, ensuring that the Company has enough human capital to reach its goals.